Prosthetic dentistry

There is a misconception that only elderly or those who only have a few teeth need dentures. Dentists recommend to install them for those suffering with periodontitis who have worn teeth or an overbite. It is these factors that can cause damage to the teeth. In Moldovan clinics, there are special orthopedic departments equipped with modern equipment that will be able to install prostheses of different types: crowns, veneers, removable and permanent prostheses, prostheses on the islands of dioxin zirconium. Doctors will be able to tell what you need, according to the anatomical features of your body.

It should be noted that due to prostheses, speech and chewing function can be improved, the curvature of the teeth can be reduced or completely eliminated and the aesthetic shape of the face should be maintained. Our clinics are guided by the world standards of modern dentistry. All the materials used are practical and will serve you for many years to comes.

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