Teeth Whitening

Each of us dreams of a beautiful dazzling smile, that people many will admire. This is certainly one of the most attractive things that we notice when speaking with a person. White teeth indicate excellent health and at the same time, a status that in our time is also important. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to achieve a Hollywood smile. Advertising videos mislead us, promising whitening at home. In this case, the company needs to sell as may goods as possible and therefore, advertisers are ready to promise a lot. It is important to remember that by using questionable products, you can damage the enamel of the tooth, which will lead to the development of serious diseases. Fortunately, in Moldova, dental clinics provide this service at a very affordable price and quality is guaranteed. The process itself takes place in several stages in order to protect the tooth maximumly and not harm it.
Also, after whitening, it is very important to remember that it is not recommended to consume colored products, such as: berries, coffee, tea, sweets, carbonated sodas, etc. Often, the yellow coating appears due to the lack of regular oral hygiene, heredity and bad habits.
It is our clinics that can help you realize the dream of a snow-white smile qualitatively and affordably.

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