Tooth extraction

Thanks to discoveries and medical research, dentistry has risen to a new level. This means that a lot of means and procedures for the prevention of any conditions or their immediate treatment have appeared. Highly qualified specialists, as in our clinics in Chisinau, with the help of the latest technology will do everything possible to save you from what’s bothering you. Tooth extraction is the most undesirable procedure that dentists use only in exceptional cases. If this is still necessary, our specialists will do so that you don’t feel a thing. This is possible with the help of anesthesia and special medications prescribed exclusively by the physician.

Also, a tooth is often removed when it is unwell and interferes with the installation of a prosthesis, when it damages the health of the body or if it is severely destroyed by caries. It is important to note that most often the wisdom teeth are removed, because ninety percent of people experience discomfort or unbearable pain. Before this procedure, you need to consult a doctor. There are cases when the wisdom tooth grows at an inclination, thereby cutting through the neighboring tooth. This ruins the neighboring healthy one. This process should be immediately stopped, because otherwise, you can lose both teeth. The earlier the wisdom tooth is removed, the less complications there will be.

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